Autodesk Licensing Webinar

There has been a huge change from Autodesk over the last few years with how the licensing model works. Add to that the change in the way people operate and work from day to day, there then becomes the regular question from our customers of what solution is best for our business. With the introduction of premium plan for smaller scale deployments and Autodesk’s newly released Flex option, it is important more now than ever that your team are subscribed to the right option for your business. During our webinar on 21st June, Robin Beales and Nathan Brownsword explored all of the options available to you.

What was shown?

In this hour session, the team explored four key areas that are critical to your business:

Autodesk License Models Explained – What’s available to me now?
Premium Plan – Now available for organisations using a minimum of 10 licenses
Flex – Introduction Autodesk’s new part time usage option
Managing Your License Estate – Options available/ license management session

If you weren’t able to make this webinar, please find a recording of the session below. For recorded content from other Man and Machine events, please click here.