Autodesk Fusion Operations – Traceability

Autodesk Fusion Operations – Traceability

It seems like every few weeks we see massive production recalls from Automotive and Hardware Manufacturers. Whether it be material quality or production issues, these things often happen. How we deal with them is all determined by what we know about these issues. With Fusion Operations we have the capability to enact Traceability in our production processes. Allowing us to quickly and effectively track any related production orders or materials that may be effected.

Data Input

At its core, Fusion Operations is a data rich product able to manage and maintain various inputs. We have the ability to track not only the movement through the production process, but all the way back from Supplier & Receiving, through Material Staging & Locations, right up to Packing & Shipping.

Allowing us to build up a report on any shipment, and quickly ascertain how big a recall, if any, may need to be. Including the potential to contact the individual recipients of the products if this has been tracked.

Assigning Lot Numbers

With its modularity, Fusion Operations will track different aspects of your production workflow. By enabling and tracking Lots we have an extra layer of traceability within the software. Lot information can be added anywhere along the production route. Whether it is allocated when raw materials are received.

Or when creating Production orders.

This allows us to keep record of all our Lot numbers in a single location. Which adds its own additional functionality. Including locating storage locations.


Once we are tracking all the relevant processes with their Lot numbers. We can begin to export reports on each production. Giving us information about the processes, machines, or workers that were involved in the production of the products. As well as being able to look back at the Sales order that was used to purchase the material. Or we can look the other way from the Sales Order to the shipped product.

These reports can then be published to either a spreadsheet format, or PDF.