Autodesk Platinum Partner

Who are we and what do we do?

Man and Machine is part of the Mensch und Maschine Group, an Autodesk Platinum Partner & CAD, CAM & BIM expert, who provide solutions to the manufacturing, architectural, construction and engineering industries.

Our 750 staff include application software specialists, technology evangelists, critical thinkers and sales solution experts. They form a formidable organisation focused on delivering the right solutions for you, in a very customer-centric way.

Your satisfaction is our business and solving your business problems is our reason for being.

What we offer

Autodesk Platinum Partner
Autodesk Authorised Training Centre
Customised Software Development
Data Management Architecture

Architecture & Construction

BIM Experts & Consultants
Solibri, Aconex & Ecodomus Partner

BIM Asset Management Solutions
BIM Training


CAD/CAM Experts
Engineering Solutions Provider
Automated Manufacturing Solutions

Our Management Gurus

Autodesk Platinum Partner

Phil Read, Managing Director Autodesk Platinum Partner

As MD, I welcome all customers and prospects to touch base with me to explain what their business problems are. My passion is finding the right technology solutions to meet your needs and I believe quality is better than quantity.  I am enthused by customer engagement and consider myself an all-round good guy and no better-than-average golfer. The staff affectionately call me the P-unit (or the dark lord depending on my mood).


Autodesk Platinum Partner

 Paul Merchant, Finance Director Autodesk Platinum Partner

Do not fiddle with my spreadsheets. I aim to steer the company on the best, yet prudent financial course to ensure that that you receive the very best from our finance team. We aim to offer courteous and effective cash management and accounts management services to ensure you are well served. But don't touch my spreadsheets. You won't like me when I'm angry!

Autodesk Platinum Partner

Sarah Evered, Operations Director Autodesk Platinum Partner

I care about your customer experience and the service you receive.  I aim to ensure the operations, technical support and customer service teams deliver an excellent service to you and always strive to do our best. I would love to hear from you, as your opinion matters and I am always keen to hear ways that we can improve our service. Without you, our customers, our business has no heart and a happy heart is a happy soul.



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