All project deliverables are customised to meet your individual needs but the following services often form part of the solution during the design phase:

BIM Program Development: A solution that looks at the creation of an implementation plan for your adoption of BIM. This service is customised to meet your requirements, but usually includes one or more elements of the following:- Organisational Vision, Modelling plan, Staffing Plan, Systems & Process, Corporate Collaboration, BIM Standards and Software & Technology Plan.

Training Plan Design: Developing a training plan combines the results of a skills gap analysis to understand your desired state and the current capability of your designers, followed by a detailed recommendation of training courses and/or consulting and a suggested timeline to maximise your teams learning.

Pilot Deployments: It is often essential to set up and implement a test system to ensure that full implementation expectations can be delivered and the optimum implementation program developed. Whether this is to test the performance of a system, the applicability of workflows or the complexity of data migration, we work with you to ensure that the test program, specification and implementation is designed to maximise the chances of success of the full scale deployment.

CAD Infrastructure Design: Having identified the as-installed state of a customers CAD infrastructure during an audit programme, this service component will define the appropriate systems, technology, data management solution and standards that will be needed to meet the customer’s desired state.

Data Management Strategies: Defining your data management strategy requires a detailed knowledge of the your workflow and processes and following such a discovery phase, Man and Machines consultants will help the you define the right solution. Re-defining workflows, systems requirements, documentation standards and training and administration needs will typically form part of this program of works.