As a leading solutions provider to the manufacturing industry, Man and Machine offer a complete software and hardware portfolio and an extensive set of services. Our solutions extend across multiple industries including industrial machinery, sheet metal, fabrication, retail and interior design, electrical as well as the automotive, marine and aerospace industries.

The manufacturing industry is constantly having to adapt to change driven by skill shortages, rising incomes, environmental standards, the green agenda, emerging economies, technological progress and demographic and lifestyle change. More recently the arrival of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for manufacturing is also impacting the industry. These drivers present both challenge and opportunity.

Companies that are agile enough to respond to these changes are often those that emerge stronger. Re-scaling manufacturing capacity, flexing the workforce and managing SGA costs are key attributes of successful manufacturers. However, so is innovation in research and development, getting closer to existing customers and the acquisition of new customers and markets.

Man and Machine’s computer aided design and data management solutions provide part of the answer to these needs. 2D/3D modelling, visualisation and animation, simulation, digital prototyping and sophisticated data management solutions can all help deliver better designs, increased customer revenues, production efficiency and improved product lifecycle management.