Our Navisworks Training

Autodesk Navisworks Essentials

This comprehensive Navisworks course covers all aspects of the Navisworks products. Once familiar with the user interface, you will learn how to federate or aggregate models and navigate around the single, or federated models. You will be taught how to perform sophisticates renders, construction simulations (5D BIM), clash detection tests and material take-offs.

Navisworks Training

Key Topics

  • Introduction to Navisworks as a BIM Tool
  • UI Tour
  • Compiling a Project
  • Managing a Project
  • Exploring the Model
  • Reviewing, Redlining, Links and SwitchBack
  • Viewpoint Sectioning
  • Viewpoint Creation
  • Viewpoint Animation
  • Animation and Interactivity
  • Autodesk Rendering
  • Simulation and the TimeLiner
  • Interference Management - Clash Detection
  • Material Takeoff - Quantification

Course Duration - 3 Days

Next Step - A Bespoke Course

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Navisworks in a BIM Workflow

In this hands-on course you will learn how to use Autodesk Navisworks to support the key BIM Use Cases of Coordination and Clash Detection. It introduces useful third party plugins to aid your use of protocols like IFC and BCF to improve the collaboration between key project team members. It will also help you reduce design errors prior to the construction phase of a project.

The course will cover best practices with regards to clash detection and it will also teach you how to redline and animate models, as well as create construction timelines.


Navisworks Training

Key Topics

  • Understanding BIM within Navisworks
  • Navigating the Workspace & Interface
  • Creating a Composite Model
  • Transforming Models for Proper Alignment
  • Review and Analyse Models
  • Saving and Retrieving Views
  • Sectioning, Measuring and Animating a Model
  • Investigating Properties
  • Adding Tags and Comments
  • Marking Up and Redlining the Model
  • Searching for, Hiding and Unhiding Items
  • Creating and Animating a Construction Timeline
  • Useful Plugins for Navisworks and BIM
  • Reviewing a Model for Clashes
  • Using Basic Viewing Tools

Course Duration - 2 Days

Next Step - A Bespoke Course


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