The Future of Design and Build – Just How Good Is Infraworks Now?

Tuesday 7th December, 10am – 12pm

With Autodesk Infraworks having had a number of big updates over the last couple of years, this has steadily become a product of choice amongst Man and Machine customers. Although this tool is available in the AEC Collection, it hasn’t necessarily been fully utilised by customers. In this virtual event, Nathan Brownsword (AEC Sales Manager) and Mark Calloway (AEC Applications Engineer) show you the key features of the tool and how best to incorporate it into your workflow.

What’s being shown?

Given Infraworks is one of the lesser complex tools in the AEC Collection, a fully detailed overview is provided on all features and functionality of the product. This includes a run through of why Man and Machine’s customers have been using the product and ultimately how it can benefit your team and their workflows.

Who should attend?

  • New users of the software or even teams and individuals that have used the programme however not over more recent times
  • AEC Collection subscribers with a civils deliverable on their projects
  • Customers looking to produce 3D visuals

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