Autodesk Software: Teams in User Management

Autodesk have added a handy new feature in their User Management page where your licenses are split into teams based on the subscriptions you have taken out. What this means is you can assign secondary administrators per a team who will have access to select licenses and not all of them. This works really well when you have multiple teams across your company and as the Primary Administrator you are finding it difficult to assign licenses to all of your users. You can assign a contract ‘lead’ as the teams secondary administrator and they can handle the user management on their end, but you will still have access to all the licenses and will be able to monitor them as the Primary Administrator.

If you haven’t noticed already, at the top of your New User Management pages you now have a Team: dropdown. All of your contracts are already in separate teams based on the way you are using them, and you can assign users to each team. By default, the teams are named after the Primary Admin, but you can rename this team by going to Settings>Rename and assign users to each team individually. This may mean that you have some licenses that are not assigned to users at the moment and you will need to set this up when you get new licenses, but once you have set this up it will help speed up controlling access to your licenses.

You can see which team a contract belongs to within Billing & Orders>Contracts, the team name will now appear under a new Team column. You can then go to that team and see the users assigned to each team. All new subscriptions will create a new team, however if you are adding licenses to a subscription they will be added to the same team that has already been set up.

Contract Page in Autodesk Account

Switching between teams is as simple as clicking the Team: dropdown in either By User or By Product under the User Management tab.

User Management Page with Teams Dropdown

Seat usage monitoring is available by team, which will be great for analysing the usage on a team level to establish if you need to assign more licenses to a particular team or move some to another, you can see the usage by product, or as a summary for the team. You can still view the seat usage across all teams.

Seat Usage Report within Reporting page

At the moment if you would like to have your contracts merged into a specific team, add new teams, or put specific contracts into a different one you can contact us and we will arrange this for you.


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