Autodesk Vault Solutions

Autodesk Vault provides a comprehensive data management solution for managing your design process efficiently and effectively. Properly implemented, it can reduce errors, avoid the need for rework and maximise efficiency in the design workflow. With the more advanced versions (Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional), you can also manage bills of materials (BOMs), execute engineering change orders and even connect to other systems.

Data Management is an essential part of the design manager’s role, ensuring that your intellectual property is not only safe, but is also being used efficiently in the design process. Modular and lean design techniques ensure data and design work can be reused in an efficient manner to optimise the designers time and ensure product quality is maintained.

When you add integration with other systems, such as Microsoft business applications or SAP and Oracle, you can really start to leverage these benefits companywide. You do not even have to have an Autodesk application to be a Vault user so managers can share, review and mark-up designs to enhance the approval workflow.

Man and Machine has extensive experience implementing Vault solutions, developing and customising the software for specific requirements. We also offer third party applications such as coolOrange which includes Vault enhancements with bespoke applications such as auto-generation of pdfs, automatic email creation and property completion to Data Standards.

Vault eBook

Our eBook provides a full explanation of the different Vault solutions available. It explains how you can use Vault to organise your data better, manage your documentation and improve revision, workflow and development processes.

Learn about the three variants of Vault (Basic, Workgroup and Professional), whilst getting an insight into the integration and replication capabilities that ensure that Vault is not a standalone drawing management solution for the design department but an integrated business platform.

We can help you utilise, develop and optimise your Vault environment through the deployment of our skilled data management specialists.

Autodesk Vault eBook
Vault Health Check

Vault Health Check

An experienced Vault specialist will visit your site or consult remotely with your company, to ascertain whether you can effectively use the Vault data management solution to improve the management of your intellectual property.

If you would like to know more then please call our experts on 01844 263700 to discuss this opportunity quoting the code VAUACAD or contact us on