TechCare Telephone Support

TechCare is our branded helpdesk support service, which covers all of our CAD, CAM and BIM software solutions. TechCare telephone support can be enhanced with engineering packs to provide additional on-site support coverage.  The TechCare Customer Helpdesk offers a guaranteed 2 hour response time, but with intent to provide an immediate response to your support requests. The TechCare Helpdesk is manned by experienced application engineers from Monday – Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm (except UK Bank Holidays).

“Our customers recognise the importance of keeping their digital systems working and know that failure to do so directly affects the bottom line.  TechCare takes that responsibility seriously,” – Phil Read, our MD.

We may use TeamViewer* to connect to your machine to help troubleshoot the problem. You can run this application by clicking the Remote Support Application button at the bottom of the page. We will ask you for your TeamViewer ID and password so we can make a connection.

Richard Branson Talks Customer Service… courtesy of Forbes

Check the Product table here.

Data Management Support: If you have taken out a Data Management Support Contract we will also support your Data Management solutions such as Autodesk Vault and BIM360.

CAM Support: If you have taken out a CAM Support Contract we will support your CAM solutions such as Autodesk Inventor CAM.

Licence Support: This service supports your license connectivity and includes software download issues, support accessing your Autodesk Account and general licensing problems.

Application Support: You will have access to experienced application engineers who can help with application errors that stop your staff from carrying out their work. Application Support is not a replacement for training on how to use the software.

1st Line: Provides case management and access to a support engineer skilled in the specific application within the 2-hour SLA.
2nd Line: Provides case management and access to engineers skilled in the specific application at an agreed time.
3rd Line: Provides case management where support typically needs escalating to the specific software vendor. In the case of a cloud-based service these are vendor hosted services and loss of a cloud service will need resolution by the vendor.

*In order to offer remote assistance, you must let us know if you have recently been infected with a virus, ransomware or malware; providing details of exactly what you were infected with and the steps you have taken to remove it. We can then decide whether to connect or not at that time.