TechCare Engineering Pack

Are your engineers over-stretched?

In today’s world of cloud-based technologies, the internet of things, industry 4.0  and the development of automation across industries to improve competitiveness, it’s important that you can access the right technical and industry engineering specialists. Our Engineering Packs give you access to our specialists who can understand your environment. They apply critical thinking to deliver solutions that will enhance your success and your “stickiness” with your clients.

There is a misconception that technical support is just an insurance policy for when something breaks. Whilst that may have been true in the past, today’s customers expect more and with Man and Machine’s TechCare service they get more.

Designed to save you time and money and to help you maximise the reliability and availability of critical CAD systems, Man and Machine adopt a more proactive approach to support.

With a pool of over 125 engineers across Europe, our expertise is second to none. We aim to ensure that your CAD, CAM, BIM  and Data Management solutions are being used efficiently and effectively, to maximise the productivity of your IT staff and design personnel.

Our extensive support service includes software support, hardware replacement, subscription services, and engineering packs to provide enhanced on-site engineering support throughout the contract.

What are Engineering Packs?

Many of our customers want to ensure that their CAD systems are not only compliant, but also configured to optimise their hardware and software environment. Our Engineering Packs can include any number of onsite or offsite services and can be customised to each customer’s needs. 

Typically they are used to install new software, carry out upgrades or health checks.  We might look at how a CAD system is networked and configured, how files are stored and accessed, what software add-ins are in use, how models are created, what hardware is in place (processor, graphics and memory) and the virus and malware protection to ensure maximum performance.

It could also include rapid access to consulting services to review your business environment and look for ways to apply technology to improve your customer reach, satisfaction or drive cost efficiencies in your business.

What types of Engineering Packs are available?

Installation and Configuration of your software

Optimisation of your CAD, CAM and BIM Software Environment

Engineering Updates to Latest Versions of Software

Software and Data Management Server Health Checks

BIM Family
Design & Automation

Post Processor Developments & Adjustments