Autodesk & Vendor Subscription Services

What is a Subscription Service?

A software subscription (including all Autodesk Subscription Services) basically grants you the right to use software for a pre-determined period of time, typically from 3 months – 3 years. You do not own the software, instead you are typically:

  • Renting the software if it runs on your PC locally OR
  • Subscribing to a cloud-based or web based service

If you are not “subscribing” to software you may have purchased a perpetual licence; this type of license is becoming less and less common, as most software industries are moving to cloud-based web services.

Autodesk software is now only available on a subscription basis unless the software was originally purchased as a perpetual licence, in which case you may have the option to renew your maintenance on a term basis, typically for 1 year and provides similar benefits to a subscription service.

Advantages of Software Subscription
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Products covered by subscription services:

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Autodesk Subscription Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use my desktop software subscription?

For most of your desktop products on subscription, you don’t need to be online to use your software. The software runs on your computer, not on the web. You do, however, need to connect to the Internet every 30 days, so we can keep your software up-to-date and verify that your subscription is still current. An Internet connection is needed initially to install and activate your software.

Some of your software products also give you access to certain cloud services that are not installed on your computer. These may include optional services such as cloud rendering, collaboration tools and secure storage. We also offer certain products that are available only as a cloud service. Cloud-based products require an Internet connection.

How do I download and access the latest version of the software?

If you are the assigned Contract Manager you can download your Autodesk software from Autodesk Account. There are various download options and install methods to meet your deployment needs. Here is the general download procedure for account portals:

  1. Locate your software: Products you have licensed and registered will appear in your account portal on the Products & Services tab.  Note about industry collections: Products and services contained in an industry collection are grouped under the collection name, but listed individually by product. You must download and install each software product in a collection individually.
  2. Select a product version: Flexible licensing under subscription may give you access to more than one version of your software.  Note: In Autodesk Account, click Download button in the product tray to activate the download pop-up window that allows you to select your version, platform, language, and download option.

 What are the benefits of subscription?

As a Subscription customer you receive benefits such as access to the latest software and product enhancements, basic support, licensing rights such as Previous Version, Global Travel Rights, and Home Use Rights, and depending on the suite or product, access to select cloud services.

Autodesk Subscription Customer Video

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