Running Start Training

What is Running Start Training?

Most training happens in a classroom, a formal teaching environment, where you learn the basic and advanced techniques on how to use your CAD, CAM or BIM software.  But what happens the week after, or one month later, when you have to put your new skills into practise to work for a client, with a project deadline?

  • Do you remember everything you have learnt?
  • Are you confident that you are able to use the software to best practice?
  • Do you use a coach?
  • Are you happy you are using the software efficiently?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you should consider a Running Start Training package. Running Start Training bridges your training and your project work, whereby one of our experienced trainers will join your project for an agreed period of time.

We are essentially creating a bridge between your learning and your work. Our job is to assist, coach and mentor you to ensure that your learning is being applied correctly and efficiently to your project.

Running Start Bridges your Training and your Work

We want to ensure that you adopt best practice and use the software to its full potential. Whilst we assist you on your project, we will also gain critical insight into your work which will allow us to recommend ways to exploit technologies to drive better customer engagement with your clients or deliver enhanced productivity internally within your business units.

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