Our Consulting Services


CAD, CAM and BIM Consulting

BIM Consulting

We assist in helping you implement your BIM requirements and offer services that include:

  • BIM Assessment
  • BIM Strategy Development
  • BEP/EIR Creation
  • Information Management & BIM QA Support
  • Creation of 3D BIM Models for Product Manufacturers


CAD, CAM and BIM Consulting

Manufacturing Consulting

Our in-depth knowledge of the Manufacturing process, allows us to help you optimise  and improve design and production efficiency through a number of different service modules:

  • Manufacturing Assessments
  • Workflow Automation Analysis
  • CAM Post Processor Development
  • Simulation & Digital Prototyping


CAD, CAM and BIM Consulting

Virtual Reality

VR is a great tool for you to use to create virtual prototypes and experience an enriched, fully immersive visual experience of a product or building.  Designers can collaborate more effectively and whilst the feeling is very impactful and memorable, what's really important is how it can improve business decision making.

Our technical wizards come from an array of different backgrounds from 3D modelling to CNC Machinists and gamers, which means we can manipulate almost anything. Their knowledge, combined with our impressive render farm allows us to produce premium 3D collateral, efficiently and professionally.


CAD, CAM and BIM Consulting

Data Management Consulting

Implementing a robust data management or project management solution is critically important to ensure that you protect key business assets (i.e. your own intellectual property). It is also vital in establishing strong business practices and well-structured workflows, whilst providing the added benefit of delivering increased speed and efficiency. Our industry experts will support you in developing solutions to your business needs for:

  • Data Management Implementation
  • Data Management Migration
  • ERP Integration
  • BIM CDE Deployment


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