Revit – What Are Cut Profiles And How To Use Them

Cut profiles allow you to extend the outline and hatch of an object in a 2D view. This can be extremely useful in Revit when you need to show more detail then what is usually provided in the 3D model.

Cut Profile

The cut profile button can be found under the view tab on the ribbon bar.

Revit Cut Profiles Button

In this example I will customise the shape of a wall foundation.

Wall Foundation

Firstly after clicking the Cut Profile button I need to click on the object I am editing the profile of.

Once selected I go into draw mode. I now starting on the edge of the object draw the extension as seen in the image below (pink lines). You will notice that I don’t need to close the linework, only that it starts and ends on my object.

Draw Extension Lines

Once drawn I can click the green finish button and Revit will alter the profile of the foundation.

Altered Foundation


Cut Profiles allow you to show additional detail without having to make the 3D geometry of the Revit project more complicated than it needs to be.


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