Oracle Common Data Environment (CDE)

Oracle provides web based data and project management tools for the engineering and construction industry, affording multi-party collaboration throughout the entire project lifecycle. When configured correctly the platform can support BIM workflows, processes and standards (such as BS1192 and PAS 1192).

Drawings, BIM models, contracts, reports, schedules, tenders and bid documentation all need to be shared quickly and efficiently between project participants. On a multi-disciplinary construction project, you work in real time with multiple parties on complex projects and hard copies, email, and FTP sites just don’t cut it anymore. You need cloud-based document management software that is built for the industry and designed to make your projects more successful. That’s where Oracle can help.

The Oracle platform is designed to run in the cloud, which means there is neither hardware to provision and maintain nor software to install and update. Instead, you and your project team members access Oracle securely through a web browser or mobile app. Man and Machine augments the platform with project based services to support this BIM based Common Data Enviornment (CDE). We can design, develop and operate the collaboration platform as part of your project support service.

This project-wide solution provides features that include Mail & Forms, BIM Collaboration, Bidding & Tenders, Workflows, Packages and Deliverables, Interface Management, Field Inspections & Checklists, Quality & Safety, Handover / O&M Manuals and Dashboard Reporting.


What is a CDE?

The common data environment (CDE), is the single source of information used to collect, manage and disseminate documentation, the graphical model and non-graphical data for the whole project team

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