Inventor Nastran and Simulation Services


Inventor Nastran adds CAD-embedded finite element analysis software to the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection. It brings computer aided engineering (CAE) tools to provide a completely integrated design-test-make software solution for manufacturers. The Nastran solver has built a very strong reputation for its analysis capabilities. The Inventor Nastran solution goes beyond linear static studies with embedded FEA technology. You can model metals, plastics, rubber and soft tissue and determine stress, strain and deformation. New Features include:

CFD Interoperability: Import data from Autodesk CFD and apply thermal and fluid pressure results
Response Spectrum Analysis: Analyse earthquake and wind loading
Automatic Midplane Mesher: The ability to idolise thin solid models as shell
Frame Generator Idealization: Select which structural members will be automatically idealised as beams

Core features included with Inventor Nastran go from linear buckling, to structures analysis (such as testing columns for catastrophic failure under certain loading conditions). Also static fatigue is used to determine the durability of structures under repeated loading, including low and high-cycle fatigue.

You can easily mesh models and run the solver for analysing bolts and connections.

Additional features include automatic drop tests, impact analysis, surface contact (sliding, friction, welding) simulation and ability to determine structural harmonic response.

Simulation Surgery

Simulation Surgery

An experienced simulation specialist will visit/consult remotely with your company to ascertain whether you can effectively use Nastran in your business, to reduce waste and improve product quality.

If you would like to know more then please call our experts on 01844 263700 to discuss this opportunity quoting the NURNASTRAN code or contact us on

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