Autodesk Moldflow

Autodesk Moldflow plastic injection moulding simulation software provides tools that help you validate and optimise the design of plastic parts and injection moulds. By accurately predicting the moulding process, potential defects can be avoided, enabling high-quality plastic products to be manufactured correctly first time.

With a vast database of thermoplastic materials, Moldflow guides designers, mould makers and engineers through simulation setup and results interpretation to show how changes to wall thickness, gate location, material, geometry and other process parameters affect manufacturability.

The Moldflow software options include Moldflow Adviser, which provides plastic simulation tools for engineers and analysts to ensure moulded part quality and manufacturability. Moldflow Insight helps to simulate the most advanced moulding processes to avoid production delays.

Moldflow Adviser

  • Runner Balancing – Runner balancing ensures that all the cavities of a mould fill at the same time and with evenly distributed pressure.
  • Part Tolerance, Shrinkage and Warpage – Analyse part warpage, and evaluate potential design issues for optimal part quality.
  • Effective Mould Modelling and Cooling – Automatically generate cooling channels, add multiple cooling planes, or manually model the cooling circuits.
  • Adviser for the Designer  – Analyse and evaluate concepts to see the impact of design choices early in the development process.

Moldflow Insight

  • Mesh to Solve in One Click – Improve your productivity by meshing and analysing your model in one step
  • Coolant Flow Analysis – Analyse the entire coolant flow history, from the pump to the mould, to identify effects of hose lengths and cooling channels.
  • Part Optimisation Studies – Use design of experiments with model geometry parameter range values.
  • Cloud Analysis – Run multiple analyses in the cloud without compromising your local resource capacity.

What’s New in Moldflow Insight 2019

Introduction to Autodesk Moldflow Adviser

Moldflow Training

Autodesk Moldflow Adviser – Fundamentals (2 days)

Students will learn how to become skilled in evaluating digital prototypes, running analysis and interpreting results of all analysis types. You will learn:

  • How to complete fill, pack and warp analysis
  • Evaluation of CAD geometry, runners and cooling lines
  • How to determine the reliability of your simulation results

Autodesk Moldflow Insight – Fundamentals (3 days)

This course combines the theory of plastic injection moulding and Moldflow design principles. It covers not only the practical use of the software, but also results interpretation. Prior mould analysis is not necessary. You will learn:

  • How to complete fill and pack analysis
  • Evaluation of an injection moulded part for manufacturability
  • How to interpret your simulation results