Virtual Autodesk Inventor Introduction to Solid Modelling



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This course is online and will be held using our virtual training environment. A connection to our Virtual Training Room, using a Microsoft Windows based PC with a stable Internet connection with a minimum 2-4mb/s download speed is required. This four day course course is scheduled to run one day a week for four weeks.

This Inventor training course is an Introduction to Solid Modelling and the ideal starting point if you are just beginning your 3D manufacturing CAD development.

This course teaches new Inventor users how to approach parametric design using Autodesk Inventor. The course provides a hands-on learning experience ensuring that you will acquire the knowledge needed to design models from conceptual sketching, through to solid modelling, assembly design and drawing production.

Key Topics

Creating, Constraining and Dimensioning 2D Sketches
Creating and Editing the Solid Base 3D Feature from a Sketch
Creating Equations and Working with Parameters
Manipulating the Display of the Model
Resolving Feature Failures

Creating and Editing Secondary Solid Features that are Sketched and Placed
Duplicating Geometry in the Model
Placing and Constraining/Connecting Assembly Parts
Manipulating Display of Components in an Assembly
Obtaining Model Measurements and Property Information

Creating Presentation (Exploded Views)
Modifying and Analysing the Components in an Assembly
Simulating Motion in an Assembly
Creating Parts and Features in an Assembly
Creating and Editing an Assembly

Additional information

Course Dates

4th Jul, 11th Jul, 19th Jul, 27th Jul, 2nd Sept, 9th Sept, 16th Sept, 22nd Sept