Solibri Fundamentals




Our Solibri Fundamentals Training, from our BIM ready course range, is the perfect course if you want to start or grow your Building Information Modelling know how.

This course is ideal if you are a new user of Solibri Model Checker, looking to get started with the exploration of BIM models and model validation. By attending this course, you will have the opportunity to learn the core commands and actions in Solibri Model Checker and understand the basics of rule based assessment and communication. A good working knowledge of 3D design is desirable, preferably using Revit software.

Key Topics

Introduction and Principles of BIM
Introduction to Solibri
Demonstration of Solibri Model Checker
User Interface and Key Settings

Model Handling and Visualisation Part 1
Model Handling and Visualisation Part 2
Making Selections with the Selection Basket
Handling Merged/Federated Models

Checking the Model with Rules
Model Comparison and Revision Update
Information Take Off Basics
Additional Settings

Additional information

Course Dates

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