Netfabb is software for additive manufacturing, which has tools that help streamline your additive 3D printing workflow, so that you can get from 3D model to printed parts fast.

Netfabb is available in the following verticals:

• Netfabb Standard – Quickly prepare 3D prints using a variety of intuitive tools. Import geometry from a wide range of formats, perform manual and automatic mesh repairs, add and subtract bodies with Boolean operations, orient, create scaffolding and nest in 2D.
• Netfabb Premium – Employ enhanced support structures and 3D nesting to improve the efficiency of your 3D printing process.
• Netfabb Ultimate – Unleash the potential of additive manufacturing using advanced latticing and topology optimisation tools. Simulate how the designs will perform under load. Predict the thermal stresses and deformations of the part during the printing process.

Core Features:
• Import models from a very wide range of file formats.
• Repair mesh bodies manually or automatically.
• Perform Boolean (addition/subtraction) operations between multiple components.
• Efficient 2D and 3D nesting.
• Advanced supports.
• Simple internal lattices.
• Optimised internal lattices.
• Stress simulation.
• Topology optimisation.
• Simulation of the printing process (thermal stress, deformation)
• Cloud Simulation Collaborative Printing

Available as multi-user and single-user licenses. If you want to know more about Netfabb and the options available please call us on 01844 263700 or use the Live Chat facility.

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Netfabb Standard, Netfabb Premium, Netfabb Ultimate


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