Problems printing to PDF using Autodesk Revit

Have you encountered problems printing to PDF in Autodesk Revit? It seems to freeze and not continue with the print command? Does it want to create numerous files in an unbreakable script, even though you have specified ‘Combine multiple selected view/ sheets into a single file’?

This is currently an ongoing issue, which has been confirmed with the Autodesk development team. But within this blog, we have suggested a couple of workarounds which can help you get everything running smoothly.

1. Print Preview
This seems to be the easiest route to solve the printing error. Before printing, please choose to Preview the PDF file, and it will continue to print thereafter. But if you have more than one file to print at a time, this can become quite time consuming.

2. Amend Printing Preferences
1) Open the printing preferences for the Adobe PDF printer. See “Adobe PDF
printing preferences (Windows)” in the Adobe Acrobat Help article Using the
Adobe PDF printer.
2) In the printing preferences dialog box, click the Adobe PDF Settings tab.
3) For Adobe PDF Output Folder, choose or browse to a specific folder. Do
not choose “Prompt for Adobe PDF filename.”
4) Do not choose “Rely on System Fonts”
5) Click OK.

3. Project Browser Conflict
If the last place the user clicked was in the Project Browser or if the current view is not printable (i.e Schedule View). Please make sure that before choosing to print you open ALL printable views, click anywhere inside the view to make it ‘active’. Again, this can also be a lengthy process, but once this is complete, the printing process will run smoothly within the whole project.

By using these workarounds, you will not come across the issue. Autodesk are always developing and working on software bugs and hotfixes. Please be sure to keep your version of Revit up to date and always install the latest service packs to keep issues like this diminished.

Please also be sure to confirm your version of Adobe is current to rule out any conflicts.

Please see the link below for the latest software updates for Autodesk Revit

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