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The UK Automotive industry generates around £55 billion in revenues and according to research published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and traders (SMMT), it includes seven volume car manufacturers, eight commercial vehicle manufacturers, eight premium/sports brands, ten bus and coach manufacturers, 2,350 component manufacturers and eight Formula One teams. Our Automotive Solutions are here to support you.

As an industry you are the largest UK exporter by value (approximately £27 billion), exporting to over 100 markets and account for 11% of UK exports!

Despite its success, your industry faces key challenges. Over-capacity in the European markets is being magnified by slowing economies, reducing demand and increasing price pressure. On the global scale, the UK is still relatively small compared to the US, China and Japan, it lacks critical mass and suffers a shortage of Tier 1 suppliers. We understand you are also facing skill shortages in engineering and advanced manufacturing, as well as access to readily available finance.

We offer you a range of CAD/CAM solutions across your supply chain and aim to:

  • Leverage digital prototyping technologies and industry 4.0
  • Help automate factory and manufacturing processes
  • Reduce prototyping costs through simulation and analysis software
  • Drive improvements in re-use of design data
  • Deliver styling and surfacing solutions excellence
  • Augment visualisation techniques through the use of VR technology

Fusion Freeform Modelling

Auto Production Using Powermill

Our aim is to help you innovate technically, reduce design and production costs and to improve modernisation to attract inward investment and drive growth in high volume export markets.

Alias Speedform Conceptual Modelling

Autodesk VRED on HTC Vive

Autodesk Automotive Showreel 2017

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