Autodesk Integrated CAD/CAM Solutions

Integrated Autodesk CAM eBook 

Take a look at our ebook to explore how integrated CAM solutions from Autodesk can be used to streamline your production processes and improve the efficiency of the shop floor.

Find out how features using this multi-threaded, 64-bit software, such as adaptive clearing are used to remove waste material in a highly efficient manner. You will also learn how our unique services can be harnessed to help you get maximum gain from any investment you make in the software.

With the complexity found many CAM packages today, it’s refreshing to see the unique easy-to-use user interface of HSM, that makes the creation of 2D and 3D toolpaths a very simple exercise.

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High Efficiency

Our next generation roughing strategies allow you to remove material at high speeds, keeping a constant load on the tool. Take a look at the video to the right, Autodesk put the roughing technology to the test and explain how adaptive clearing can work in your environment! The state of the art Autodesk CAM engine utilises the latest 64-bit technology, enabling you to quickly generate complex toolpaths on all types of geometry.

Adaptive clearing in short, is a roughing strategy that guarantees a maximum tool load at all stages of the machining cycle and makes it possible to cut deep and with the flank of the tool without risk of breakage.

Integrated Autodesk CAM

Autodesk integrated CAM solutions offer you a range of integrated solutions to support all your CAD/CAM needs. From standalone solutions like PowerShape to integrated support on Inventor and Solidworks from a single interface, we offer a complete range of solutions.

We aim to help you manufacture quality products, reduce your time to market and increase revenue streams. Adaptive clearing and high speed finishing are just some of the features used to ensure that you are able to cut parts very quickly to a high quality.