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As many of you will know by now, Enscape is an absolutely fantastic tool for creating realtime renders inside of Autodesk Revit. Out of the box, with limited customisation or changes to settings it can give unbelievable results and turn your 3D Model into a truly immersive visualisation. However, with a little tweaking of a setting, or using a slightly different material, Enscape can give absolutely stunning results and bring your designs to life.

Firstly, if you are new to Escape it is worth checking out a generic demonstration of the application to get your heads around the general usage and benefits the application will bring:

On top of this, if you are keen to work in Virtual Reality you may also want to take a look at a demonstration of the VR capabilities of Autodesk Revit when used with Enscape:

It is also worth noting, the Team at Enscape 3D do a fantastic job of sharing their own tips, tricks and content which are absolutely worth having a read through if you are a new user. For instance, the following blog posts are a must read for every new Enscape user, or even an existing user that is looking to improve their current workflows and outputs.

This post focuses on what free resources are out there to bring your Architectural projects to life:

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any render, and can make or break a production. Check out the best practises here:

To correct use of Water inside of a scene can really improve the overall emmersive experience. See what and what not to do here:

Typically speaking, you don’t get a building without glass. And getting a decent glass material and output can bring that extra detail to your projects that you may be looking for. Read some tips and tricks here:

Materials, alongside lighting are probably the most important part of a scene for me. With the right material and maps you can take a pretty standard looking object and make it look real:

We speak to more and more interior designers daily who are moving over to working in 3D and Revit. Check out these specific tips from Interior design here:

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