Enscape – Change Time of Day in Video Animations

When creating animations within Enscape it is possible to change the time of day during the animation to give the impression of time has passing by. This is also the ideal opportunity to showcase any artificial lighting within your model.

I will show you how this can be done within Enscape when used with Autodesk Revit.

Create an Animation

Whilst you are within Enscape activate the video Editor. This can be done using the ‘K’ key which is indicated in the Enscape instructions. Enscape Video Editor Key

Once activated, you will see a dialogue box appear as shown below.

Enscape Video Editor

Add keyframes to your animation by using the add keyframe button or using the ‘K’ key whilst in the video editor.

Enscape Add Keyframe

Once you have added all the keyframes for your animation you can click on a keyframe position indicated within the timeline.

Keyframe in Timeline

This will take you to some specific settings for that particular keyframe.

Enscape Keyframe Settings

You can see which keyframe number you are currently in via the Keyframe editor where you can see the current keyframe number in brackets. You can toggle between keyframes using the arrows to the right of the numbers (as shown above).

From within this dialogue box you can change certain settings for the keyframe such as the field of view, timestamp and time of day. you can also make adjustments to the focal point within the view of the keyframe so you can control the output.

Change the Time of Day

To change the time of day, use the slider to scroll forwards or backwards in time to get to a specific time. Once you are happy with the selection, hit apply.

Enscape Time of Day Slider

You have now set the time of day for your current keyframe! Repeat the steps to alter the time of day in other keyframes.

Note: The same time will be used throughout the animation unless you select a different time of day in other keyframes.

If there is a big time distance between keyframes you will  notice that the time of day changes quickly and objects in the sky will move at a faster pace during the transition. You can control this more accurately by changing the time of day incrementally in each keyframe via the keyframe editor.

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