Contract Manager Queries

Our support team deals with Autodesk account queries, daily! The main issue seems to come from Contract Manager configurations. This blog will help you detail how to configure your Autodesk account and Contract Manager changes.

Contract Manager Explained

The ‘Contract Manager’ is the primary account holder for the Autodesk Account. As the Contract Manager, you are entitled to see all license information for all contracts under your company name. You have access to amend user details, including assigning licenses directly. Essentially the contract manager controls all access for all licenses assigned.

The contract manager would also have access to all renewals and billing through the Autodesk Account. This now includes reporting, to see all license information.

Software Coordinator

There can only be one Contract Manager at one time. However, you can set the account to have a Software Coordinator which would have similar access to assign licenses and add or amend users. The Software Coordinator would be classed as the secondary admin.

Support Queries

We have a number of support queries with regards to the Contract Manager, I have outlined the main ones below;

  • Missing licenses under Contract Manager Account

When adding new or purchasing more licenses, the new licenses do not show under the main Contract Manager account?

Solution – As standard, the purchasing email address (the email which the confirmation delivers to) will automatically become the main Contract Manager. Even if you have added licenses to an existing contract, if the confirmation email goes to another email address, the licenses will sit under these details.
Please contact the Man and Machine Support team to get this changed over immediately.

  • Wrong email address

Set up as the Contract Manager and cannot see any licenses?

Solution – Please check with the Technical Support team at Man and Machine to make sure the Contract Manager details are as you require. The email address would need to be correct.

  • Cannot amend User Details

Need to amend users or assign licenses to another user?  

Solution – This would need to be done using the Contract Manager account. Please ensure you are the main Contract Manager, or Software Coordinator to make any user changes.

  • Generating License File

Running network licenses and need to amend or create a license file for your products?
Solution – Please log in as the Contract Manager to make these changes. You will see a ‘Quick Links’ pop up in the bottom left hand side of the Autodesk Account. This cannot be done under a standard user account.

For all Contract Manager Queries or changes which are not outlined within this blog, please contact our Technical Team on 01844 263790 or email

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