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Enscape 2.7 New Features

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Enscape have just released a major update, Enscape 2.7 is now avaiable to download but what makes this update so special? Usually when Enscape releases an update I talk about the new enhanced graphics, better performance and the latest detailed assets added for you to use in your projects. And Enscape doesn’t disappoint on this …

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Enscape – Change Time of Day in Video Animations

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When creating animations within Enscape it is possible to change the time of day during the animation to give the impression of time has passing by. This is also the ideal opportunity to showcase any artificial lighting within your model. I will show you how this can be done within Enscape when used with Autodesk …

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Advanced Materials in Enscape using Sketchup

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Using Sketchup natively, you only have the ability to add basic materials with a texture map. This is fantastic for getting a good idea of look and feel, but quite limited when it comes to high end renders that need to show textures with a roughness. As you can see from these images, a standard …

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