Jonny Pye

Visually Immersive Systems – Virtually There

During this brief blog I will consider the future of the head gear that you may have seen or tried at conferences and forums. There are now plenty of competing platforms of visually immersive systems that you can wear on your head and that will give you, for better or worse, some kind of virtual …

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A 3D World – Photogrammetry

Very recently I have started to embrace the world of digital point scanning. The process of taking the imperfect world and placing it in the perfectly orthogonal world of a computer. It is a fantastic portal for the construction and manufacturing industry to digitise something that was built half a millennia ago and have it …

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AutoCAD to Revit

AutoCAD LT Header

We could all use a little change – AutoCAD to Revit. Recently I have come across lots of practises both in manufacturing and AEC who are still using AutoCAD to create shop drawings and outsourcing the 3d modelling and rendering capabilities to others. I myself have been at a company that used this kind of workflow and maybe for some …

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New Levels of Project Communication

I have recently come back from some very exciting BIM 360 training in Germany and thought I’d share a brief overview on the principles of the series of BIM 360 applications from Autodesk. The BIM 360 family is Autodesk’s answer to a more connected, agile and all-encompassing cloud based BIM workflow. Each BIM 360 application …

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