Jonny Pye

Dynamo Implementation

One small script, one giant leap for company efficiency In this blog I want to talk about the opportunities of implementing and using dynamo within Revit. I am expecting anyone reading this to have heard about dynamo but perhaps not be using it. If dynamo is something new to you then all I can say …

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Top 3 Free Revit Add Ins

These are my top 3 free Revit add-ins I use regularly to speed up my workflows within Revit. They are industry generic and should speed up common workflows across multiple industries working in Revit. Whether you are mechanical, structural, architectural or landscaping, there is something for everyone. 1.Tiny Tools Tiny Tools will allow you to …

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Have you got an AEC collection? Heard about Autodesk Docs?

AEC Collection

Autodesk Docs is the new powerful cloud platform from Autodesk now included in your AEC collection subscription. This entitles AEC Collection subscribers to leverage unlimited cloud storage, markup and issue tracking capabilities, review, and approval workflows and much more. (If this is news to you and have not started using it, get in touch for …

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Join Walls like a Pro

I want to tell you about a little feature in Revit that you may have overlooked, that can sort out your wall joins no end (literally). The wall Joins tool. If you have not used it before you can find it in the Ribbon under Modify > Geometry > Wall joins. This little feature is …

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