Gareth Spencer

Autodesk BIM 360 – What you need to know

What actually is Autodesk BIM 360? Well it is Autodesk’s unified platform connecting all project teams and organisations with means of accessing real-time information. Such as organisations managing their design information internally, design information during construction, and operations information throughout the life-cycle of an asset. (e.g. buildings, highways infrastructure, plant, etc) This is supported with …

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Assigning Status Codes as Sets in BIM 360

When publishing PDF documents in the Plans area of BIM 360 Docs you can assign Document Sets. When the Document Sets are setup these could be anything you like, such as transmittal between project team or members, discipline specific documents, or even the status codes for information containers identified within ISO 19650-2 National Annex NA …

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Autodesk BIM 360

What is Autodesk’s BIM 360 Docs? Well if you read the Autodesk website it is says Construction document management software. I personally feel it is so much more than that. Let me explain. BIM 360 Docs is an electronic document management system which sits in the cloud for all who use it to access their …

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Autodesk Civils 3D UKIE Country Kits

The typical installation of Autodesk Civil 3D does not include the language content for your specific country. So before you start to use Civils 3D it is recommend you download your country kit. In each country kit it gives you all the pre-configured country specific content for country such as reports, templates and much more. …

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Autodesk Revit Content Library

Revit Home Screen Header

When you install Autodesk Revit it will install the content library to suit the region you set during the installation. This should include Family Templates, Libraries and Discipline Templates. Then when you open Revit you can just select the template or families you need. Sometimes these don’t install for some reason or you may need …

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