Francisco Perez-Smith

Numbering Schemes in Autodesk Vault

Here is a quick guide on creating and using numbering schemes in Autodesk Vault. IntroductionCentral to proper data management is the appropriate naming of designs and files. While there are many different types of numbering schemes, some suited to particular purposes more than others, it is traditionally a matter of discipline to enforce their use …

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Fixing the Threading Tool in Inventor

Lately, a series of Windows updates have knocked out Inventor’s threading tool, disabling the use of threading, some holes and tables. Here’s a quick guide for fixing the threading tool. Solution 1: Fixing the Registry 1. Close all Autodesk products.2. Click the start menu, type in “Regedit” and hit enter.3. In the registry tree, locate …

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Cutting Lists in Inventor

IntroductionInventor’s Frame Generator excels at producing a frame model quickly and easily. However, while it will happily produce a Bill of Materials (BOM) for the frame, it will not be optimal by default – the total  length of unique segments (rather than unit lengths and quantities) will be written, and it will omit end treatments …

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