Francisco Perez-Smith

Summing Values in Inventor BOMs

Have you ever wanted to sum a property (such as length) in an Inventor Parts List, but simply been left with the quantities of individual units? This handy guide will show you how to do it! In this example, we will explore how to sum the length of a cornice in a picture frame assembly. …

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Illustrated Guide to Weldments in Inventor

In line with Autodesk’s paradigm of having the model as the ‘source of truth’, it is possible to specify welding detail within an Inventor model. This is fantastically useful as it is also then possible to pull this information onto a 2D drawing. In this illustrated guide to weldments, we will explore the processes of …

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View Representations, Positional Representations and Levels of Detail in Autodesk Inventor

View Representations Header Image

When working with assemblies in Autodesk Inventor, it is sometimes useful to have different representations of the assembly. These are separated into different types: ‘View Representations’, ‘Positional Representations’ and ‘Levels of Detail’. They can each be found under the ‘Representations’ tab of the Assembly Tree, and will be explored in the blog below. View Representation …

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What is a Configurator?

In a simpler world, a design would come in one configuration – one geometry, one set of components, one paintjob – but alas, that is not the world we live in. A single design could encapsulate a plethora of configurations, and dealing with these efficiently, either at the design or marketing level, can make the …

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The Autodesk Desktop App

One of the most underrated programs produced by Autodesk is also one of its most useful: the awesome Autodesk Desktop App (ADA). Simply put, the ADA is Autodesk’s equivalent of the Apple’s ‘App Store’ or Android’s ‘Google Play Store’. While it doesn’t allow you to buy new software, it allows you to log in, download …

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Fusion 360 – One Product – Unlimited Possibilities

Fusion Training Header

I’m sure you all know of a little product called Fusion 360. I’m sure you are also aware that Fusion 360 comes in 3 different flavours, namely: Fusion for hobbyists, Educators and start-ups (Free of Charge)Fusion 360 Standard (£294 per annum)Fusion Ultimate (£1434 per annum) Whilst the base software and technology is the same between …

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Where has my Autodesk Stingray gone?

Those of you who have had the privilege of using Autodesk Stingray to make games, presentations and virtual worlds for VR may have recently been dismayed to find out that it is no longer available; but where has Stingray gone? As of the 7th January 2018, Autodesk has discontinued selling and supporting the program. However, …

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Autodesk Vault Compatibility

Vault Maintenance

Autodesk Vault is absolutely awesome when it comes to organising and collaborating on your designs, but its architecture and cross compatibility can be more than a little confusing. In this article, we will briefly look at how Vault software is organised, and explore which versions of Vault are compatible with which versions of Inventor. Overview …

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