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Plant 3D/Vault Isometric Drawing Deleted in Vault Client

Vault Maintenance

What if you accidentally delete your isometric drawing in Vault? How do you recover this situation? If you are working with Plant 3D and using Vault Pro or Workgroup for data and file management, you should know that all commands, regarding any Plant 3D project files, should be carried out within Plant 3D. Never move, …

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How to Perform Plant 3D BIM 360 Model Coordination

In this blog I discuss a technique for using BIM 360 to do model coordination between Plant 3D and Revit models. Exporting Revit to DWG BIM 360 Design can be used to create a collaborative environment to assess models from different platforms such as Revit and Plant 3D. First, all models need to be correctly …

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Plant Projects in BIM 360

In this blog I will detail how to work with Plant 3D projects in BIM 360 Design. Share a Plant Project to BIM 360 Design After or during the creation of a Plant 3D project, at any time, you can add the project to a BIM 360 Design project folder. Doing this will allow you …

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Working with Inventor and BIM 360 Design

In this blog I will detail how to work with Inventor models inside BIM 360 Design. Setting Up the Desktop Connector To work with Inventor inside a BIM 360 model first you must install the BIM 360 Desktop Connector, this will give you a space on your local computer that will allow you to work …

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Updating Block Attributes (ATTSYNC) in AutoCAD

In this blog, I will explain how to update and synchronize AutoCAD block attributes using the Attribute Sync command in standard AutoCAD. When creating new or editing existing attributes within a block you may have noticed that the existing blocks in a drawing do not show the changes immediately. This is because attributes do not …

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Drawing Lists in AutoCAD Electrical

Saved Circuit in AutoCAD Electrical

In AutoCAD Electrical it is possible to create many different reports analyzing the data in your drawing project such as Bill of Materials and Wire To/From lists. These reports can be placed directly onto a drawing and/or exported to an external application such as Mircosoft Excel. One of the frequently overlooked reports is the ‘Drawing …

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Parametric Modelling in Autodesk AutoCAD

AutoCAD Training Header

What is parametric modelling? You may have heard the term ‘parametric modelling’, especially if you have been involved in 3D modelling using products like Autodesk Inventor. Parametric modelling is the term used for creating models that have parameters which drive and control the size and formation of the model. Parametric modelling requires constraints to allow …

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