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Customise Revit Templates List

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In this post I am going to show you how you can customize the Revit home screen templates list. This is incredibly useful to knowespecially when one of the four standard Revit templates are not showing.By following the below instructions you will be able to add or remove templates from the list including your own …

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Best Print Resolution in Revit

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What is the best print resolution in Revit?In this post I am going to explain the different DPI resolutions available when printing in Revit and how to set these when printing. What are DPI Resolutions?In Revit there are four defined DPI Resolutions which controls the quality of prints. Low 72 dpi Medium 150 dpi High …

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The Future of Manufacturing

The Future of British Manufacturing is an initiative launched by Autodesk and key partners and takes a hands-on-approach to enabling British design and manufacturing companies to respond to the challenges or trends such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. The goal is to enable British manufacturers to design, make and sell great British …

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Plant Industry Growing Pressures

Irrespective of whether you work in the oil & gas, food processing, utilities or waste management industry, the challenges and growing pressures for plant owners and operators are common. Increasing profitability and production efficiency in all of them is a common theme and solutions are needed to support strategic goals. Ultimately these industries combine facilities with …

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