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How to Export an RVT file from Autodesk Inventor

In Inventor 2022, Autodesk have introduced the ability to export Revit Project Files (RVT) directly from the Autodesk Inventor interface, further enhancing the collaboration possibilities between the manufacturing and construction industries and their retrospective products. The new functionality can be found inside the Simplify command in Inventor 2022, and comes with several useful options which …

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Autodesk Premium Plan Benefits

Above a standard Subscription, Autodesk now offer the ability to subscribe to a Premium Plan. Designed to assist medium to large size organisations boost their operational efficiency, the Premium Plan offering is available to any business that manage 50 or more Autodesk Subscriptions and gives subscribers key benefits above that of a standard Subscription. Single …

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Create a Template Folder Structure to Duplicate in Vault

Vault Maintenance

How do you create and copy a standard project folder structure in Autodesk Vault? This is a very quick win inside of Vault. Have you noticed that you can’t copy a folder with subfolders in Vault? This could be very useful if you like to keep a consistent folder structure for every project inside Vault. …

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The Most Boring Article About Cad Layer Naming Standard You’ll Ever Read

It is important when producing drawings that all lines, blocks and annotations are assigned to the correct layers and not just to one layer (i.e. layer 0) or random layers within a drawing. This needs to be followed by everyone who produces drawings for that organisation (internal and external). Now I have personally developed and …

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5 Quick Wins with 3ds Max

3ds Max is a complex application, with many uses and a variety of workflows – but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used to gain an advantage over your competition. This short blog will give you some quick wins with 3ds Max 2022. Floating Viewports and Presentation Mode can be used to view your …

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Revit Visibility Settings Explained

Revit Home Screen Header

Revits Visibility settings are quite simple once you understand them, which is what I intend to do here. There are a two concepts we first need to understand: The hierarchy and categorisation of elements. Revit has a simple hierarchy for most elements, Instance -> Type -> Family -> Category. You could have an instance of …

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Vault ‘Check In’ Tab Greyed Out or Disabled?

Our support team at Man and Machine, occasionally come across Vault issues. One issue which appears sometimes is a ‘greyed out’ or disabled Check In feature on the Vault tab within Inventor. Albeit a small issue, this can be the cause of a greater problem which would need investigating. In this blog, I will explain …

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