Autodesk® Showcase: You will learn how to navigate the Showcase interface and import and adjust geometry; prepare a design for presentation by applying and configuring environments, controlling lights and shadows and assigning materials and decals to the design geometry. Concepts of presenting a design in different ways by creating alternatives, creating shots and adding a turn-table behaviour are covered, as well as learning how to enhance the display of the geometry through the use of ray tracing and custom environments.

Autodesk® VRED:  A course aimed at helping you become proficient in “VRED Fundamentals” for generating high-grade, sophisticated illustrations of CAD data, fast and realistically. The course covers data preparation & optimisation, materials and materials management, camera angles, lighting models and rendering.

Autodesk® Alias Design: The course provides new and existing Alias users with a high-level overview of the interface, basic curve and surface creation and geometry manipulation and an overview of industry surface modelling best practises and procedures.

Autodesk® 3ds max: This course provides a thorough introduction to Autodesk 3ds Max Design software that will help new users get the most of this sophisticated application, as well as broaden the horizons of existing, self-taught users. Subject matter includes familiarisation of the interface, project configuration modelling with primitives and objects, lighting, rendering, animation and visualisation.