Computer Aided Manufacturing

Autodesk® HSM: Training is delivered as a bespoke package covering all aspects of the solution and is tailored to your specific environment. Areas to be covered include machining strategies, optimising toolpaths, post processing, stock simulation, tool lists setup and sheets, creating a tool library, as well as toolpath and machine simulation.

hyperMILL®: Training is delivered on a bespoke basis covering all aspects of the toolset and covering areas such as setting up joblists, 2D and 3D cycles, tool creation, optimising toolpaths, basic feature recognition, toolpath simulation and outputting of NC code.

CAD for CAM: This very specific course is designed for the needs of the CAM operator/machinist who may want to have sufficient enough skills to enable them to make design changes for product variants or for the occasional CAM/CAD user. Allowing CAM engineers to carry out basic CAD modifications is an excellent way to ensure your design team is focused on the highest value design work.