3Dconnexion®: A 3D mouse redefines the way people work with 3D models and applications, introducing users to an easier, more balanced, two-handed work style. The pressure sensing controller becomes a virtual extension of you. Push, pull, twist or tilt to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate the model or camera view. 3D mouse users report a more streamlined design process, reduced work-related fatigue and performance benefits including improved error detection and average productivity gains of 21%.


AMD®: AMD's latest range of graphics card feature AMD Eyefinity technology, which supports multiple independent display outputs simultaneously. AMD Eyefinity delivers innovative graphics display capabilities enabling massive desktop workspaces and ultra-immersive visual environments for the ultimate panoramic computing experience.


Dell®: Dell Precision™ workstations are Dell's highest-performing and most scalable systems, specifically designed for graphics-intensive professionals in engineering, product design, animation and digital imaging. Dell Precision workstations feature intelligent Intel® Xeon and Intel® Core i7 processors and are built with the architectural, building and 3D industries in mind.


HP®: HP workstations are engineered to optimise the way processor, memory, graphics, operating system and software components work together to deliver massive, whole-system computational power. When dealing with complex data, designs and models, you need reliability, quality and efficiency at minimum development costs - HP workstations deliver. HP has also teamed up with leading software partners to secure best application performance at maximum stability so businesses get the professional edge they need.


Matrox®:  Matrox is a leading manufacturer of specialised graphics solutions for professional markets such as finance, digital media, medical imaging, industrial and enterprise computing. Long product life-cycles, ease of deployment in corporate environments and feature sets aimed at solving specific, real-world business issues are what set Matrox apart as well as their product range which includes options to expand your visual real estate from two to three monitors using a single graphics card.

PNY / Nvidia

PNY®/NVIDIA®: PNY Technologies offers a full range of NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics boards. The newest NVIDIA Quadro professional solutions are true technological breakthroughs, delivering up to 5x faster 3D performance and 8x faster computational simulation across a broad range of design, animation and video applications. Built on the innovative NVIDIA Fermi architecture, the latest Quadro offerings are the first professional-class GPUs to integrate high performance computing capabilities with advanced visualisation techniques, transforming modern workflows.