Facilities Management

G-Info®:  G-Info is one of the world’s  only fully bi-directional BIM-based, facilities management tools. It provides full integration with Autodesk products like AutoCAD and Revit. It allows full ERP/CAD integration to systems and databases like SAP and Microsoft SQL. It provides a comprehensive set of modules within the platform to manage a facility or group of facilities including modules for personnel management, fire protection, car fleet, inventory, contract services management and many others.

The advantage of full CAD integration is that all the as-built drawings can be incorporated into the facilities management tool database and a workflow implemented that ensures a closed feedback loop back to the facility drawing layout. It also means that changes to the facilities assets can be incorporated into the database by non-CAD users and those amended or added assets can be dropped back into the drawing by the same users if the system is correctly configured to do so.

The G-Info solution is fully scalable and offers mobile and web-based solutions too. Alerts and threshold functionality allows customers to manage facility workflow in a very organised and efficient manner, saving costs and time in carrying out routine scheduled servicing and maintenance tasks. Reporting and customisable dashboards also ensure the current facility “states” can be clearly understood. World class organisations are using combinations of Revit/AutoCAD/G-Info to provide complete facility management  solutions for:-

• Building design and layout
• 3D space and asset planning  
• Building/floor and room area analysis
• Inventory management & ordering
• On-site services and contract management
• Personnel and fleet management
• Room booking
• Maintenance alerts and energy management
• Using Revit family’s to create product and asset catalogues within the G-Info database tool