Waste & Waste Management

Treatment of waste in the UK is a significant challenge for the Government. Despite an increasing number of Waste Treatment Resource Centres and a growing awareness of the public to recycle waste products, infrastructure capacity to cope with the level of waste is likely to be inadequate for the foreseeable future according the recent report by SITA called “Mind the Gap”. It goes on to predict that as far forward as 2025, even with this increase in waste treatment facilities, there will still be a surplus of 5.7m tonnes of waste to deal with.

Running increasingly efficient processing plants to deal with this level of surplus waste is critical. Unmanaged or unscheduled downtime needs to be minimised and plants investing in the latest plant technology solutions are more likely to be able to maximise production efficiency. We see customers having to deal with aging infrastructure facilities, design errors and inefficiencies and the retention of knowledge as critical challenges to the ability to maximise plant production capacity. Many plant problems also stem from poor document management, asset information management which affect compliance with and the execution of agreed business processes.

In order to address these problems, Man and Machine offer a range of technologies and services to deliver real business value in these areas. For example, we offer significant expertise in the deployment of integrated asset management and engineering document control systems to assure that we can address business workflow requirements. By neatly tagging assets and linking them to the document management system we can connect assets and documents/specifications in a meaningful way to deliver on site operational efficiencies. Advanced project workflow solutions will also help tightly integrate the business operations of engineering, projects and maintenance to a single source of the truth such that as-built master data is protected whilst the management of change across multiple concurrent projects is fully supported.

New design tools that introduce 3D modelling to a largely 2D world bring additional added value by introducing technologies like clash detection to minimise on-site construction problems whilst technologies like Navisworks allow for improved project scheduling and estimating solutions.

Asset Information Management & Engineering Documentation: BlueCielo Meridian
Design & Drafting: AutoCAD, AutoCAD P&ID
Modelling: Plant 3D, Plant Design Suite
Structural Design: Revit Structures
Equipment & Skid Design: Inventor Routed Systems
Visualisation & Review: Navisworks, 3DS Max