Sub Sectors

Oil & Gas: The marine, offshore and petrochemical sectors create huge amounts of engineering data, which by inference has become a key corporate asset. We understand and provide applications and services that underpin equipment creation, operation and maintenance as well as providing 2D/3D solutions for plant and factory creation, simulation and visualisation.

Utilities & Power: Energy, water, food and waste treatment are critical infrastructure needs of the global economy. Aging facilities, regulatory compliance, industry consolidation, demands from emerging economies and retaining expertise are key challenges you may be facing. Our application tools and training and consultancy programs are designed to help you address these challenges.

Renewable Energy: As the world looks for more economical and renewable sources of energy, the UK specifically has signed up to 15% of its energy to come from renewable sources by 2020, as part of the EU Renewable Energy Directive. Major innovations in alternative technologies should help facilitate this goal and we fully endorse and support this industry through the provision of innovative design tools and services and we are a leading UK partner of the Autodesk CleanTech program.