Sub Sectors

Industrial Machinery: Our CAD design tools and solutions allow you to conceptualise and engineer industrial machines faster using a single model and digital prototyping techniques. Using industry leading 3D software we aim to help you innovate your machine design. Additionally simulation and visualisation technology will help to reduce the demand placed on physical prototyping, thereby reducing waste and improving time to market.

Sheet Metal & Fabrication: Facilitating improvements in manufacturing, productivity, quality and reliability is key to the metal fabrication industry. We offer the right design software, CAM tools, consultancy and training to help accomplish this objective.

Building Product Fabrication: Designing building products and carrying out interior refits and designs is being widely impacted by Building Information Modelling (BIM). Our services and solutions help you to optimise your design and data management needs in the areas of mechanical design, simulation and visualisation.

Automotive & Transportation: Designing world class automotive and transportation products and equipment is a huge competitive advantage. Concept design, styling, surfacing, product engineering and simulation are aided by using the right software tools and the right training. We seek to help you avoid costly mistakes with our solutions and to drive better design decisions throughout your projects.

Electrical & Electronic: Driving efficiency in the electrical controls market can be achieved through the use of the right tools. Through our ECSCAD and AutoCAD Electrical software we assist controls designers to collaborate more effectively. Symbol libraries, BOM reporting and PLC I/O design are made more efficient by providing you with the right consultancy and training services to support software deployment.

Automated Manufacturing: Using a combination of software integrations skills and unique software platforms, like product configurators (e.g. Custom X, and Configurator360), cloud based solutions (e.g. Fusion 360) and integrated CAM software (e.g. Hypermill and HSM), we have a powerful solutions set that can increase efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.