Industry Sectors

Manufacturing: Crucial to the UK economy, manufacturing is a sector that covers many sub-industries including fabrication, industrial machinery, electrical and electronic, automotive and transportation. Our industry knowledge covers all aspects of the manufacturing process including CAD, CAM/machining, factory layout design, product simulation, visualisation, sales and marketing etc.

Architecture & Construction: With a healthy distribution of customers across the UK, Man and Machine is well versed in helping customers through the design, construction and operational phases of a facility or asset. With the arrival of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the industry, our experts are there to ensure that our customers extract maximum value out of any new standards, methodologies or software.

Plant & Process: A variety of different subsectors including Oil & Gas, Utilities & Power and Renewable Energy, make up this unique industry sector. With solutions spanning Process & Instrumentation Design (P&ID), 3D design, plant visualisation and construction simulation, Man and Machine offers solutions spanning the spectrum of needs for this industry.