All project deliverables are customised to meet your individual needs, but the following services often form part of the solution during the planning phase:

CAD Standardisation: Using clearly defined CAD Standards can dramatically reduce your product design time, helping bring products to market more quickly. Our service will help you define and implement both best practice and appropriate recognised CAD standards (e.g BSI and ISO). Helping customers develop a CAD Standards manual (or Whitebook) is often part of the deliverable from this service.

Software Asset Consolidation Reviews: Driving software asset consolidation can help remove operational complexity and remove costs from your CAD Infrastructure environment. Using best practice methodology, as well as server and process monitor tools allows us to help you maximise your software investment.

 Design Process Reviews: The Design Process Review is a mechanism for ensuring design standards, alignment and diligence throughout the course of the product design process. We help you ensure workflows are optimised to assist design efficiency as well as helping improve collaboration, consistency, accessibility and clarity.

Skills Gap Analysis: A skills gap analysis is used to assess the difference between the current skill level and the desired skill level of your design professionals. This analysis process can be used to assess and identify areas for improvement, allowing you to improve design efficiency and time to market.

BIM Reviews: This service will help you analyse your current state of BIM readiness. Our BIM Consultancy services are tailored to your needs, but the planning stage tends to focus on your business objectives, process and technology, standards, model review, audit and management.

CAD Infrastructure Audits: Carrying out a CAD Infrastructure Audit can take many forms but tends to include the analysis of your hardware and graphics capability, data management standards and adoption, software use and licensing, skills capability and workflow processes.