All project deliverables are customised to meet your individual needs but the following services often form part of the solution during the operate phase:

TechCare Application Support: TechCare is our branded helpdesk support service which covers all our software solutions. TechCare support can be enhanced with engineering packs that provide additional on-site support coverage.  The TechCare Customer Helpdesk offers a guaranteed 2 hour SLA, but with intent to provide an immediate response to your support requests. The Helpdesk is manned by experienced application engineers, Mon-Fri, 9:00am to 5:00pm (except Bank Holidays).

Hardware Replacement: Most hardware comes with a manufacturer’s warranty which includes a hardware replacement service. Details vary by manufacturer but can be confirmed by contacting us.

Training: We offer a range of accredited 2D and 3D CAD training courses. The courses range from the basic essentials training through to advanced concepts, simulation, visualisation and modelling training for more experienced designers. Additional courses in data management solutions such as Autodesk Vault, Pinpoint and Buzzsaw for engineers and IT professionals are also available.

Software Subscription Administration: This service comes as a Maintenance subscription for perpetual licenses, desktop subscription for short term rental and cloud-based service subscription. The key benefits of subscription are access to latest software releases, flexible licensing rights and access to cloud benefits.

Software Compliance Reviews: Using server-based and workstation-based software analysis tools enables us to offer this service which will identify license compliance, software access and usage patterns. Using this information you can be assured of your software compliance, whilst we can also help you carry out license rationalisation and consolidation to maximise return on investment.