BIM Training

BIM Manager

This course consists of 2 modules, the first based on strategy and the second based on Project Operations. It’s designed to give attendees a thorough grounding in BIM fundamentals, common understanding of BIM technologies, project requirements and responsibilities of project team members. On this course you will learn what organisational and technical tasks a BIM Manager must undertake throughout the BIM processes within the company. You will learn how a company implements BIM and cover areas such as creating standards, templates/libraries and documentations in order to achieve the business and project objectives.

BIM Coordinator

The exchange of models and information is imperative for any successful BIM project. The BIM Coordinator is responsible for ensuring models are coordinated between disciplines. You will learn what functionalities a BIM coordinator must adhere to, so that exchange of information runs smoothly and in accordance with the project documentation. This course is based on the principle of OpenBIM and uses IFC, RVT and other file formats for exchange. The course utilises products such as Revit Model Checker, Navisworks and Solibri as practical tools to carry out the coordination role.

BIM Modeller

This course teaches the basic drawing and drafting capabilities needed to create 3D BIM models. You will learn how to plan future projects using a virtual 3D building model for increased productivity. The course utilises Autodesk Revit as the core design software and covers 3 core concepts:

  • 3D modelling
  • Family and Template Creation
  • Standards & Model Checking

The BIM Modeller course is aimed at draughtsman and designers. Its aim is to introduce the BIM standards used in the UK and the concepts around quality assurance using clash detection and rules-based model validation.